MicroSpy Hidden Cameras

What should you consider when choosing a Hidden Camera?

How well are the user controls, microphone and camera lens hidden from view?

MicroSpy will only build a camera into a host product if we can figure out a way of disguising the lens and microphone and hiding the user controls in such a way that they can never be accidently discovered. 

If you are still not sure then take a look at some of  the solutions we've come up with.

How easy is it to install and operate the camera?

MicroSpy have designed their automatic SD card recording cameras such that all you need to do is slide the switch to automatic and point the camera in the right direction, everything else is done for you.

You can playback the audio video on any Media Player installed on your PC or Laptop and there is now a third party App for your Android tablet or smartphone.

Your camera is delivered fully charged and ready to go and is 100% fully supported here in the U.K.

Now decide on the type of hidden camera you need.

Battery opperated SD card recording camera (most popular)

  • Manual Recording with Video motion detect option camera.

Manually operated cameras allow you to start and stop the recording process simply by pressing a couple of buttons.

The recordings are saved as soon as the stop button is pressed but if the camera is allowed to continue it will automatically save your recordings at preset programmable time intervals anyway.

A 4000mAh battery will power the camera for over  16 hours and a 32GB SD card can hold 12 hours of high definition 720p video. 


  • Automatic recording Invisible field Motion Detect option camera.

With this type of camera you will certainly get the footage you are looking for.

Simply switch to "Auto Record" and point the camera at the target area, and that's it, your camera will start to record whenever anyone gets within three metres of it, after saving the recording the camera will return to its low power standby mode until the next trigger event occurs. Automatic cameras can also be manually controlled by using the manual buttons.


Microspy designs have the longest mission standby time (up to two months) along with the longest recording capacity (16 hrs of HD) of any comparable hidden camera design.

Playback is via any Media Player installed on your PC, Laptop, Android tablet or Smart Phone.

WiFi hidden camera viewable over internet. (IP Camera)

As with all Internet Protocol cameras (IP) you will need to install it within range of a WiFi router, this usually means you will be using it in your own property or possibly in your place of work, as you will need to know the local Wifi routers wireless password in order to set it up. 

Installation can be a little tricky but we are always available to assist with setting up of any of our cameras.

Several of our IP camera products are mains powered (from table lamps to DVD players) so that they are viewable 24/7 on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world but we have also developed a battery powered system for locations where there is no mains supply available.

Battery Powered IP Camera with GSM remote control and GPS location.

The power drain of most IP cameras can be quite high so Microspy have designed a unique remote control system that allows the battery power to the camera to be remotely turned off when not in use via your mobile phone text messaging system.

This means our battery powered IP cameras can be located in any room of the house or office and are ready to be remotely activated and viewed from anywhere in the world via your smart phone - Brilliant !!!

Latest development in Low power IP Camera with call alarm.

Shortly to be introduced is our latest development in care home hidden cameras.

These cameras are built into ceramic ornaments like ornamental teapots, ceramic cottages, vases and various statuettes.

The camera can run for 4 months between charges and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

The camera also has a secret "please contact me button" that none technical folk can easily use.


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