Technical Details and Specifications

Battery powered SD card recording camera (Most Popular)

Fully automatic recording of audio and video using Microspy's unique 360deg Invisible Field motion detector.

Up to four months mission standby (waiting for motion sensor to trigger recording) and up to 16 hrs of power on run time.

12 hrs of  720p High Quality video can be saved on a 32GB SD card. (64GB SD card option - Contact Microspy)

All our Cameras can also be controlled by starting and stopping the record mode manually.

Playback via USB on PC, Mac, Android Tablet or Smart Phone using any Media Player including WMP and VLC. Composite Audio/Video via phono output leads available (free on request) for analogue A/V equipment playback.


User programmable options for time and date stamp, memory usage, video settings and many more.

Option configuration application supplied for PC and downloaded from play store for Android devices.



  • High Definition 720p SD recording camera and DVR.

  • Removable 32GB SD Card supplied (12-hour HD setting) 64GB option.

  • Massive 4000mAh rechargeable battery (16 hour continuous or 2/4 month motion standby.

  • Control buttons, USB connector, SD card access in secret compartment.

  • Programmable options APP for PC and Android (Over 90 options)

  • Time and date display option on or off.

  • Loop recording memory option on or off.

  • Six frame rate options including 25fps for UK to prevent indoor light flicker.

  • Pinhole 70 deg. or wide angle 120 deg, lens to suit product.

  • Playback on PC or Laptop, Android tablet/phone, Audio/Video equipment, TV, Projector.

Battery powered WiFi motion alarm hidden security camera


This hidden camera is amazing, Approach within three meters of one of these cameras and it immediately lets you know by sending a notification alarm signal to your mobile phone along with a picture from the camera.

Answering your mobile lets you view the camera and record the video at the touch of a button.

At any time, from anywhere in the world you can view the live camera and listen to the surrounding audio.


This system also includes an auxiliary local battery alarm unit which can be located anywhere within wireless range of the camera (30m) and it does not rely on the internet connection or the mobile phone system.


The camera if placed in your hallway will send an alarm to this local unit and to the mobile phone owner when someone approaches the front door of your property night or day.

This amazing system provides an early warning signal when someone is at your front door without them pressing your door bell, so it is a great comfort for those living alone or in an annex.

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