Gillette Shaving Foam


Hidden High Definition Shaving Foam Camera.

This manually operated surveillance camera is probably the most innovative product we have ever made, for a long time we have thought about building one of our hidden cameras into an aerosol container but fitting electronics into a pressurized container seemed an impossible task. Then suddenly in a moment of inspiration it came to me just how it could be done, and here it is.

Shaving foam hidden camera

SKU: ShavingFoam-SD
  • We have managed to fit the high resolution SD card DVR electronics and camera along with a massive 4000mAh rechargeable battery inside a working shaving foam container. 
    No need to worry about using up the shaving foam either as it can be refilled in seconds - (see video).

    The result is an extraordinarily good, clean high resolution (720p) video with no missing frames and natural colours makes this SD card hidden camera easily the most advanced design in the world today outside of MI6.

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