Built into one of the most opulent body soufflés ever made. This body soufflé moisturises and nourishes your skin and with rose and sandalwood fragrance smells delightful.
We would rather tell you about the soufflé than the camera, but rest assured the camera is equally good.
The camera can run for over 16 hours on a full charge. The 32GB SD card fitted as standard can hold 12 hours of HD video.
The Video and Audio quality are excellent and with its programable options it can be set up to suit your particular surveillance requirements.
Manual record buttons and USB download socket are located under the removable soufflé tray.

The professional model with the built in INVISABLE FIELD motion sensor module has a long 60-day mission standby time. This means if you are going away for a few weeks your camera will record whenever anyone approaches within a few metres of it, then it will save the file and go back to sleep once the person has left. It is certainly one of the finest products we have ever made.

Size 72mm x 90mm Dia.

Ted Baker Hidden camera

SKU: TedBaker-SD
Motion Detector option

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