Motion Detector Options

Video Motion Detector  (standard in all SD products)

Video motion detectors use the camera sensor to detect changes in the picture content that is used to start the recording process. Recordings are saved every five minutes.

This saves memory space but only improves the cameras battery consumption by around 40% as the processor is still working hard comparing the video frame by frame.

So if all you need is a few hours of high definition surveillance footage then the standard product is your best option.

Invisible Field Motion Detector

The Invisible Field motion detector uses a low power electromagnetic field which is monitored for disturbance caused by a person approaching from any direction.

This means only the motion detector needs to be powered up and not the entire camera, so the battery consumption is kept to an absolute minimum.


The Invisible field motion detect technology is a MicroSpy invention and allows our cameras to have a mission standby of months rather than hours, a must if you are not sure just when someone is likely to enter the surveillance area, needless to say it all comes at a price - This technique takes two extra printed circuit modules in order to make it all work, and is only available in certain MicroSpy hidden camera products.

Please note:-

There is little point in using any motion detect system in a busy office or a public place, if the camera is being continuously triggered on by the motion detector then obviously it will be consuming almost the same amount of battery power as it would if it were set to record continuously, so it might be better just to use the manual record and leave the motion detector switched off.

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